Preservation Framing

As certified picture framers, we have a responsibility to protect your treasured keepsakes.
We use the highest quality materials and most up-to-date methods in the custom picture framing trade.
We use completely reversible mounting methods and handle your artwork with care, providing safe storage before, during, and after framing.
We use guaranteed archival products such as UV filtering glass to protect from fading and other light damage; and neutral, stable matboards, mounting boards, and backing boards to support and present your artwork.
Why choose preservation framing? Because if it’s worth framing, it’s worth framing well.

Decorative Framing

Decorative framing can include anything from a basic photo frame to an extravagant presentation using elaborate design elements.
The main difference is that the object being framed is not of monetary, historical, or sentimental value; therefore, UV glass and archival mounts are optional.
We have such a wide variety of moulding styles that it’s quite a lot of fun to pick ‘just the right one’ for the job

  • a large gold Baroque design for a Paris scene
  • …a mother of pearl frame for a jewellery collection
  • a renaissance panel frame for a large architectural etching

You get the idea. We invite you to come in and ‘play’.

Digital Restoration

Digital restoration can be used to remedy damage caused by fire, water, cracks, aging, or fading.
Our media artist starts by taking a scan of the piece, then begins the treatment 1 layer at a time.
This digital work is not limited to just remediating damage…objects can also be added or removed, colour can be added, removed, or replaced. Creative enhancements, such as a nostalgia filter, light flare, or dodging and burning, can also be part of the project.
At the completion of the digital restoration, the customer receives one printed copy and, if requested, a digital copy for future use.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are used when you have a special keepsake that needs a deeper space than a regular frame.
The materials and mounts that we used are carefully chosen for each object according to its need. We make this selection carefully so that there is no damage through corrosion, staining, disintegration or pressure. All mounts are totally reversible so that if ever you need to remove an object, it can be taken out in its original condition. We do not glue objects into the frame.
Some mounting methods include sewing, embedding in a neutral support, making an acrylic form, or using a shelf.

Local Artists

It is our pleasure to provide gallery space for several of our very accomplished local artists.
We currently represent Kathy Haycock, whose oils on birch panels are reminiscent of the group of seven style.
Our feature watercolourist, Alan Docherty, has a natural gift for light and shadow in his scenes and still lifes.
Soapstone artist Dan Jenner has a collection of inukshuks, and sculptures that are meant to be handled.
We also enjoy showing Mary Douglas’ collection of small plein air paintings,and Helgard Hodgkinson’s pottery, whose critter mugs and other creations always delight her collectors.